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Hitachi Oceania Australia

Project Green

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recycle my projector?

Hitachi will cover the cost of postage of your projector/s back to our recycling partner, where the unit will be dissassembled and recycled at a component level. Once you have submitted information on the type and number of projectors you would like to recycle, we will send you detailed instructions on how to send these for recycling.

What is my unique code?

Your unique code is assigned to you when you submit products for recycling. This is an identifier of this unique event and will allow us to have a point of reference to track its progress.

Who can I contact regarding any further queries?

Please email us at
Email: dps@hitachi.com.au and quote your user name and query and we will respond within 2 business days.

How long will the cash-back process take?

Once the transaction receipt from the projector you wish to recycle is received and confirmed, Hitachi will provide you an email confirmation with the specified cash-back amount that you are entitled to. This cash-back amount will be provided to you by bank transfer. The nominated bank account must display the name of the organisation, matching the name of the organisation that has completed the Registration. Please allow 30 days for this process.

How much is postage?

Postage costs are covered by Hitachi. You will be provided with Reply Paid details upon submitting information on your recycled product.

Are all Hitachi projectors and Interactive Flat Panel Displays eligible for Cash Back?

Selected models are eligible for cash back. Please click here to see a full listing of eligible projectors and interactive flat panel displays and their corresponding cash back amounts

How much of each projector is recycled?

Up to 97% of a projector can be recycled including glass, plastic and metal components. Going forward our website will provide a breakdown by material.

What if I recycle more projectors than I buy?

Quite simply, you will be able to claim up to the same number of Cash Back, of eligible Hitachi projectors or interactive flat panel displays, as what has been submitted for recycling. Here is a quick example: Recycled 10 projectors, able to claim Cash Back on up to 10 eligible Hitachi projectors or interactive flat panel displays, even if you purchase more than 10.
Think of it as our reward to you for recycling your old projectors and therefore, the number of projectors recycled is always relative to the number of claims possible.

I purchased my Hitachi projectors or interactive flat panel displays more than 30 days ago, can I still claim the Cash Back?

Unfortunately, you will not be eligible for Cash Back on purchases more than 30 days prior to the receipt of your recycling lodgement.

What if I send products other than projectors for recycling?

Please do not send back anything other than a projector. Only projectors will count towards your total Cash Back claim amount.

What brand of projector can I send back for recycling?

Any brand will be accepted, as long as it is a data projector (overhead projectors are not accepted).

Can I send back projector parts?

No, we will only accept whole projectors including all original components. If you send back only parts or projectors which are missing core internal components these will not be counted towards your total Cash Back claimable amount.

Why is Hitachi running this programme?

Hitachi as a global company have a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and as a component of this, the conservation of the Earth's natural environment. Recycling is a key method of reducing landfill waste and its impact on the environment.

How do NSW Government schools using the SAP finance system claim?

Shared Services have set up the following bank account for NSW Government schools claiming the Hitachi Project Green cashback. BSB: 032-807 Account number: 8024420 Account name: NSW Government School


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